Processing Fee Waivers

Cash Discount

Our Cash Discount Program is Highly Beneficial for your Business

Our Cash Discount Program for merchants is an amazing opportunity for you to gain discounts on your merchant processing fees with no increase in your overall prices. This can let you provide cash discount to your customers who make cash payments while levying service charge for card and digital payments.

CASH IS KING | Cash Discount Intro

Enjoy Processing Fee Waivers through Our Cash Discount Program

Reduced Product Prices

The major advantage of our cash discount program is the elimination of card-processing fees. It results in the reduced prices of products at your store.


Levying card-processing service charges can be illegal in many states but providing cash discounts is actually legal in all the states.

Increased Cash Flow

Cash payments mean that you get instant payments while your cash flow is smoothly maintained at all times.

Greater Customer Acquisition

Sales and cash discounts attract more customers for you which leads to increased sales and revenue for your business.

Our Solution

Smooth Payment Operations with Vitreous Pay

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We Facilitate a Wide Array of Industries

Retail Businesses

Hospitality Industry


Restaurants & Food Chains

Lifestyle Care Ventures

Service Providers

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Our revenue sharing model aims at increasing your profits

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