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What We Provide

We at Vitreous Pay deliver sound and secure digital payment services inclusive of several card-less online payment modes, processors, and gateways. Know more to find out the advantages of availing our digital payment services.


Top 2 Fundamental Components of Digital Payments:

  • Card authorization

Fill up an online form with the name on the card, the card type, the card number, the CVV, the expiry date, and the cardholder’s address. When your customer submits this form, this data is transported by our payment gateway to the card issuer for confirmation and verification.

  • Transaction settlement

When your bank gets a transaction’s notification, it forwards the same to the relevant card company and waits for another confirmation from the cardholder’s bank. On approval, the issuer sends a credit to your bank which is used to deposit the payment into your merchant account. Ultimately, the cardholder is levied with charges and their credit card statement is updated.


Uplift your business with our Digital Payments

Shopping Cart Experience

Install a shopping cart on your e-business portal or website to allow your customers to save items for potential purchases.

Efficacious Virtual Terminal

Accept and securely save credit cards by setting up a virtual terminal in your mobile device or desktop.

Safe Payment Gateway

Enable digital payment options on your online store using our payment gateway solutions.

Smart Invoicing

Our digital payment services also come with invoicing features so that you can implement smart invoicing processes.


Versatile Services

We at Vitreous Pay facilitate our partners with hi-tech payment solutions so that
every kind of virtual payment transaction can be executed.

Card-less Payments

Chip & Pin-based Payments

Contactless Payments

Payments via Digital Wallets

Our Solution

Smooth Payment Operations with Vitreous Pay

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We Facilitate a Wide Array of Industries

Retail Businesses

Hospitality Industry


Restaurants & Food Chains

Lifestyle Care Ventures

Service Providers

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