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How Can it Help You?

Our mobile payment solutions let you incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) payment modes such as digital wallets. Popular mobile payment platforms include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.


How does it work?

NFC mobiles interact with NFC-based card machines with the help of close-proximity radio frequency identification. Hence, the mobile phones need not come in contact with the POS for transferring data, albeit they just need to be nearby.

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Flawless Mobile Payment Solutions at Vitreous Pay

Digitalized wallets

Let your customers perform online transactions through digital wallets with our NFC-enabled mobile payment solutions.

Reduced Expenditure

Your requirement for POS equipment is decreased manifold by easily transforming your mobile device into a payment processor. This in turn can save you a lot of money and resources.

Consistent Cash Flow

Mobile payments give rise to your cash flow in many ways. Your customers will find it easier to make instant payments when they have mobile payment options.

Greater Data Access

Mobile payments will enable you to get your hands on customer data like purchase frequency, expenditure, most preferred mobile payment option, and the likes.


Versatile Services

We at Vitreous Pay facilitate our partners with hi-tech payment solutions so that
every kind of virtual payment transaction can be executed.

Card-less Payments

Chip & Pin-based Payments

Contactless Payments

Payments via Digital Wallets

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Smooth Payment Operations with Vitreous Pay

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