ISO Partners

ISO Partners

About ISO Partners Program

Partnering with Vitreous Pay puts you in the driver’s seat of your portfolio. Our dynamic ISO Partnership program offers a large product suite that builds revenue and improves client retention. This is made possible with our vast technology partnerships and our unique portfolio management portal that helps you control and grow your business.

Why partner with VitreousPay?

Our ISO Partnership program is focused specifically on the needs of your business. Let Vitreous Pay help you build for the future with a premier portal that provides dynamic portfolio management, automated boarding, and total control over all your residual data. And with our strategic technology partnership, your business can achieve accelerated growth and a diversified portfolio.

From the best in PCI compliance, 24/7 support, the most competitive processing rates, updating and adding new services based on customer feedback, we are here to deliver the best in payment processing solutions that you can offer to your customers. Find out everything that Vitreous Pay has to offer your business today.

Portfolio Management

Our portal is the only tool you will need. From Lead tracking, Merchant boarding, and Residual reporting with line-item detail, it is a digital application for seamless management of your business.

Future Covered

Vitreous Pay supports Apple Pay, Android Pay, EMV, and Contactless. We also offer Loyalty programs, Gift cards, and wireless payment capabilities. Whatever combination your client is curious about, Vitreous Pay can help it.

POS Compatibility

Whatever industry your client is in; our solutions can help. With compatibility for various POS software, our team can help your clients, no matter the business.

Client Retention

Vitreous Pay offers your clients an all-inclusive payment solution with the latest technology, so you can be more engaged in their business.

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Sharing is Carrying

Our goal is Revenue Sharing to increase your profits.

Accelerate your business growth by partnering with Vitreous Pay and reach customers across the globe. To know more about the Vitreous Pay Merchant Programme and enroll now.


Integration and technical support to help build your solution.

Offer your customers the best payment experience when we help you integrate Vitreous Pay into your E-Commerce and M-Commerce platform. Quote for prices here.